Quality, accessibility
and communication

Communication is always at the core of our services. For us, it is vital to communicate with our client and to maintain good relationships with employees and management.

We offer the following services

• Renovation and construction
• Sewer cleaning and maintenance
• Repairs
• Water meter installation
(commercial & residential)

• Backflow prevention device installation
• Drain pump installation
• Camera inspection
• Drain unclogging


We plan everything for you from the simplest to the most complex plumbing projects, and we take care of the whole process to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure the safety and quality of the work.


Our professional plumbers will listen to you attentively. Before even starting your project, we make sure that we understand your needs and the situation. Communication is the key to success.


With their thorough preparation and flawless organization, Complete Plumbing’s specialists leave nothing to chance and ensure that all stages of the project are properly completed.


Once the project has been planned, your needs considered, and the tasks properly organized, we get to work with unparalleled rigour to offer you professional results you can rely on.